UPSers 401k Plan

For logging in to Upsers, you need to first of all choose your login preference. For this, you need to choose from SSN and employee ID option. If you will choose employee ID option then, you need to enter your registered employee ID as well as password. If you will choose SSN option then you need to enter your valid SSN and password for logging in to your account and for accessing information.

If in case, you forget your password then you need to choose forget password option which is available below the user id and password login option and follow the procedure which will be instructed to you. You can also choose enrol without a password option for enrolling details by following the procedure further after clicking on it.


UPSers 401k Plan Plan, news and updates

For accessing more information about different updates and plan news you need to lick on the available ‘Plan news and updates’ option on the right side. When you will click this particular link then there will be a white colour opened in which you will see benchmark me option written under which there are two options available one is contribution limits and another one is access to investment support.

Contribution limits

When you will click on contribution limits you will be provided information about your 401k plan. 401k plan will permit you to contribute your particular portion of your income and IRS will set the maximum which you will contribute every coming year.  It is important to note that contribution limit for the year of for the year of 2016 of the Roth or the pre-tax is 18,000 dollars. You can also give 6000 dollars if you are of fifty years old or above with a total amount of 24,000 dollars in the year of 2016.

Access to investment support

As a member of the 401 k plan you will get access to investment and savings support which will be provided by Voya retirement available advisors such as professional management and online advice. You can easily login in to your particular account for getting information or you also have an option to call at 1-800-541-6154. By just going online or calling on these numbers you will be able to speak with VRA available investment advisor for your problem.


Accessing your account

If you will be facing any kind of problem related to services offered, you just need to contact 1-800-541-6154 for speaking with VRA available investment advisor or available participant representative. You can call them between 8.a.m. in the morning and 8 p.m. in the evening from Monday to Friday according to eastern timings.


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