Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Domestic and retired employees in the UPS Retirement Plan Eligibility U.S. Canada, Puerto Rico:

Access is available for all inactive as well as active employees in Canada, United, States, and Puerto Rico in available UPS retirement plan.


Minimum system needed for

Supported internet browsers are

  • Microsoft Internet explorer with version of 9.0 or higher is acceptable
  • Chrome 34 or higher
  • Firefox 28 or higher

You need to note that beta versions of software will not be supported.

Email address

Computer and operating system

  • Higher Apple compatible systems or Mac OS X and the recommended browser are chrome, Mac OS X or Firefox.
  • New operating system or Window & required for IBM compatibility system.
  • Apple compatible or IBM compatible computer along with internet connection.

Browser should support



New User’ Registration- Canada, U.S and Puerto Rico

You just need to enter your information one time and you can also change password, challenge questions as well as email address anytime you want at your own discretion.  All registration information will be used for validating your identity in the particular event when you forget your password.

  • You need to select your language preference
  • Enter your PIN as well as user id and select the login button.
  • For using, now review and agree all terms and conditions.
  • Provide ID and e-mail address and if appropriate for access to available UPS applications.
  • Now you need to create your all challenge questions and responses.
  • At the end, create your password.

It is essential to note that at initial login, will flow you through the registration screens and after subsequent login you will be directed to the homepage.


Temporarily locked out

If in case, you fail to provide a user id and password in your third attempt then you will be automatically locked out of the system for fifteen minutes. You will be provided with three chances to login.

 For registered users: If you don’t remember your password then, you needs to click on forget the password link available on the screen of


Forget your password

For registered users:  You will be asked by your challenge questions which you have filled while registration. If your answers will be correct then you can change your password. You need to click on forget the password link available on the screen of

If you won’t be able to enter write answers after third attempt you will be automatically logged out of your account and then you will need a technician for unblocking your account. Make sure to enter exact information while entering answers otherwise you won’t be able to change your password.


Technical help form:

If you need any kind of help then first of all you need to fill out this available technical help form.


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