For creating worker identity, UPS( United parcel Service) is the best. There are around total 435,000 employees of UPS who make use of UPS employee guide for login. There is also UPS website as well as Twitter account available for employees for login. There are different events such as social and cultural events occurred whose information is also updated on UPS website as well as Twitter account. It also UPSers also consist different information such as payroll and pay check details etc.


About UPSers ( is a site which is easily accessible from any part of the world for the UPSers associates. This particular employee portal is a secure portal which needs a User id as well as password for login. You can easily check your home page after login in to your account by filling appropriate user id as well as password.

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After login in to your account, you can check different available discounts and benefits, Pay check information etc. Associates who are new will find a bit difficult to access information to access online services as well as account for this, UPSers prepared Employee Login Guide with different available tricks and tips.


UPS Employee Login Walkthrough – UPSers

First and the most important step for UPS employee login is to have a valid User ID which will be as same as your employee ID which you received when you started working with UPS and the password from getting registered. For login in to account, you need to make sure that you must have Chrome 34, Microsoft Internet Explorer version or Firefox 28 or higher. After this you need to follow following steps:

You need to go to employee login page by clicking the link or you can easily open it in a web browser by paste link (

After entering valid address, you will be directly redirected to the available UPS employee login page. After this you need to follow following steps:

  • Choose your particular language preference
  • Now enter your UPSers login valid User ID.
  • Next enter your UPSers website password
  • Now, click on the login button.

If you do note remember your available password then you need to click on the ‘Forget the password’ link below the password field.

You can also click on the available ‘Log in help’ link below the user id field if you are facing any problem and need a professional assistance. According to your situation or location you need to choose from Canada, U.S domestic, puerto Rico as well as retired associates in the UPS retirement plan. Login Details for International Employees

User ID as well as personal identification number is needed for new international users for login in to the account.

If you are not aware about your IGEMS associate ID then you need to call human resource management team who will provide you UPSers login details.

It is important to note that your particular PIN will be used for one time only for registration and will only be introduced in lower case letters. If you are not aware about your Pin then you can form it by using this below mentioned information:

Your PIN is used only once, for your registration and must be introduced only with lower case letters. If you do not know what your PIN is, you can construct it by combining the following pieces of information:

You need to check first two letters from your available region’s name.

Last two digits of the particular year in which you were hired or restarted and the last two digits of your available UPS employee ID.


UPS Employee Website  – UPSers Login Details for Canada, U.S. Domestic, Puerto Rico as well as Retired Employees

It is important to note that UPSers who are living in Canada, Puerto Rico or United States will require their employee ID as well as PIN for registering and then login.

Process for personal identification number is almost same as for international associates but the information you need is a bit different.

You need to take your last two letters of your name as well as final 4 digits of your available employee Id and then type it one after other if you started working with UPS from 8th August 2015 or further.

For the UPSers who are working with this organization before the 8th August in the year of 2015 they need to write the first two letters of their last name and then the last two digits of their available birth year and then last two digits of their associate ID. Registration Guide

If you want to become a new user then access available UPS associate login site and follow the steps as above mentioned using Pin as well as User ID required for login. After when you have chosen particular language choice as well as completing available fields with information you will have to read all conditions and terms of associate portal and then confirm that you agree with them.

Next, enter a valid email address for accessing UPS application and ID.

Now you need to decide different challenging questions with answers which you want to set for securing your particular account.

Next, create password for UPS employee login.

You just need to fill details only one time. Next time when you will login you will be directly redirected to your available home page of UPSers.

About the United Parcel Service (UPS)

United Parcel service started as a messenger organization in the year of 1907 in Seattle, Washington. In the entire world, UPS is one of the biggest package delivery organization and it also offer services in around 200 countries. According to the survey which was conducted in the year of 2014, UPS had total annual revenue of $58.232 billion with operating income of $4.968 and total assets of $35.471 billion.

Around 397,000 associates of UPS are present all over the world who work for this organization in various departments such as UPS Store, Capital, Supply Chain Solutions, Airlines, Express Critical, Mail Innovations, Freight, Logistics, Professional Solutions as well as I-parcel subsidiaries.

It is important to note that UPS deliver around fifteen million packages in a day to around 6.1 million users. UPS main products are freight forwarding services, courier express service as well as logistic services. For contacting UPS customer service, you need to make a call at 1-800-742-5877. You can also email Ups through a contact form using available links:

If you are living outside United states then you can contact UPS office as per your location by visiting

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